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About Us

Spectro Group laid to its foundation in 1995 with Spectro Analytical Labs. Ltd. In last 16 years, it grew up into a vast tree expanding its fringes in major verticals like offering Analytical Solutions countrywide Laboratory services and Turnkey Solutions Manufacturing & Sales of Lab Equipments, NDT and Weld Training, Gas, Mineral & Coal Exploration Services, Software/ERP & Embedded Solutions, Audit & Third Party Inspection, Equipment Validation Maintenance and Location Analytical solutions, Equipment Manufacturing, Geotechnical Services, Carbon Business and solutions, Weld institute and Equipment Care and maintenance. Spectro with its vision of setting new benchmark in customer services and product offering in the Analytical testing Business. The objective is to provide the complete Care Solutions for all major or Indian brands under one roof. Keeping this in mind we have incorporated this value in each and every aspect of Spectro Care Pvt. Ltd. Operation. We have been fortunate to have the world class service engineers, experts, software analysts and technical staff to provide esteemed services to our clients.

Key Services & Activity

  • Support and Service Contracts
  • Spare Parts & Consumables
  • Refurbished and Certified Lab Equipment